Rumour: Google's Smartwatch is Nearly Ready for a March Launch

By Gerald Lynch on at

Smartwatches: We love 'em, we hate 'em. Great on paper, but so far failing to deliver on the promise of the Dick Tracey awesomeness they always tease, everyone from Samsung to Sony (and indies like the Pebble) has had a go. And now Google is reportedly ready to enter the fray, hopefully to lead the way in Android smartwatch design.

According to a new report by TechCrunch, the Android team is working on a wrist-based device, using a specialised version of the company's mobile OS. Under lock and key at the company's Mountain View labs, it reportedly uses a full-colour LCD touchscreen display, and pairs with an Android smartphone over Bluetooth LE. With a plastic strap (though a "masculine" metal one has apparently been considered), its main function seems to be to receive Google Now notifications, which would presumably allow for things like text, calls, traffic, meeting alerts, reservation information and sporting scores to be beamed to your wrist. Swipe and tap gestures are said to be used to navigate the watch's features.

Google is said to be aiming for a March launch, and right now it looks unlikely that it'll open up the watch to third-party developers, or at least initially. Of course, until the Big G officially confirms it, take this all with a healthy helping of NaCl. But with an increasingly-saturated handset market and wearables the logical next step, it'd be frankly bizarre if Google wasn't considering a smartwatch. [TechCrunch]

Image Credit: Adrian Maciburko