Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 Lining Up Fingerprint Scanner and 16MP Camera

By Gerald Lynch on at

Just days away now from Samsung's big Mobile World Congress blowout, and the pieces of its Galaxy S5-shaped puzzle seem to be falling into place.

First up is the suggestion that the phone's home button will double up as a fingerprint sensor. Sammobile goes as far as "confirming" its inclusion based on information gleaned from its insiders. Specific details include the ability to map up to eight fingerprints to the device, and a moderately-speedy swipe across the sensor being needed in order for it to register an unlock. Sammobile's sources make it sound a bit finicky though, with sweaty digits returning error messages. Here's hoping that, should it feature in the rumoured final product, such annoyances have been ironed out.

Secondly, serial tipster EvLeaks claims to have a line on the handset's imaging capabilities, re-affirming rumours that the S5 will have a 15.9MP camera on its rear side. He posted the below 5312 x 2988 image, with Exif data aligned to a "Samsung-SM-G900A" device, previously associated with the S5.

A pity then, that all they could manage to snap was a close up of a keyboard. [TechRadar, Sammobile, EvLeaks]