Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Hands-On: Now This is Cool

By Gerald Lynch on at

I'm not much of a fitness fanatic. In fact, as I advance in years, I'm turning into a proper lard-arse. But the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is so gorgeous and (from my brief test) so responsive, I might have to nab one and a gym membership to go along with it.

Much of my lust for the band is based on its flexible OLED touchscreen. It's a stunner, vibrantly coloured, curving 1.84 inches around your wrist. It wont bend, but has a generous curve that, when paired with its rubber strap (available in a range of colours naturally) should fit all but the chunkiest of forearms. The screen itself, which is also the module housing all the sensors, is actually removable, letting you pop it into another band. Only one button sits on the side of the device, setting the screen to sleep or wake.

Behind the screen sits a sensor used to track your heart rate. Along with built-in apps for tracking distance, time and other fitness metrics, it allows for an all-in-one fitness tracking interface, while also expanding to support the Health 3.0 app if you have a Galaxy 5 to go along with it.

Lasting three to four days from a single charge based on light or heavy usage, the Galaxy Gear Fit also has a few smartwatch like functions. With Bluetooth 4.0 LE included, it can be used to control media playback, reject calls or read text messages. An SDK offered by Samsung should let the range of third-party notifications expand over time too. Based on a proprietary operating system designed solely for the Gear Fit, all interactions with the device were refreshingly responsive. So long as its notification systems work in a real world scenario, this could be the wearable device the Galaxy Gear range has always promised to deliver.