Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Event Will Not be a Theatrical, Sexist Mess

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's bizarre, music hall Galaxy S4 launch event is unlikely to be repeated this year, which is definitely for the best. Instead, Samsung is said to be favouring a "low-key" launch at Mobile World Congress for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.

According to the NYT, the Galaxy S5 is indeed set to be the star of Samsung's Unpacked event at MWC, with the paper's industry source suggesting the S5 won't come with the rumoured retina scanner or a ridiculously high resolution display. Instead, a "better camera and a higher-performance processor" are the main things Samsung will be boasting about in this low-key hardware update.

It'll also have an updated Galaxy Gear for no one to get excited about, plus we may see the new Tizen OS make an appearance, too. [NYT]