Samsung Galaxy S5 Looks Set to Star in MWC 2014 Unpacked Event

By Gerald Lynch on at

The world's tech press woke up this morning to find an invite to Samsung's next "Unpacked" event, with the promise that the company's "new flagship product" would be revealed. Yep, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 will make its debut during this month's MWC blowout.

Just look at all those "5"s all over it! They've gotta be trying to tell us something. The event, planned for Monday 24th February, would be unusual in that it's the first time Samsung has opted for a late winter launch of a flagship device since the Galaxy S2 back in February 2011. Since then it's preferred to host its own Apple-like extravaganzas in the summer. But with rumours that the S4 didn't hit internal targets, it looks like Samsung is rushing out a successor to plug the gap.

As for specs and leaks, there's been little to go on so far, but speculation has pointed towards a 64-bit processor, a 16MP camera sensor, a possible 2K screen and even a retina scanner.