Samsung Galaxy S5 May Bring Waterproofing to Flagship Line

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sources have a few new leaks for us regarding Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S5 model, suggesting the phone might be the first in the proper Galaxy S line to feature water and dust resistance as standard. So it'll be in the bin with the "Active" variants we've seen in previous years.

The rumour comes from ZDNet, which claims some Korean "sources" suggest the Galaxy S5 might be water and dust resistant from the off -- and also once again confirms the rumour that the S5 will come with a fingerprint reader for easy unlocking. Combine these with the previously rumoured 15.9-Megapixel camera and those are the bones of your next mobile.

The same source also suggests the Galaxy S5 is unlikely to launch before the end of March, as Samsung's still in the process of ordering all the bits. Then it needs to get some ladies in hairnets to put it all together, which takes ages because some of the screws are quite fiddly. [ZDNet via Techradar]