Samsung Teases Redesigned TouchWiz UI

By Gerald Lynch on at

Once you get over the plastic casings, Samsung's smartphones have pretty solid hardware. The interface? Not so good -- the TouchWiz UI it lays over the top of Android is bloated and ugly, but that may all change come this month's MWC conference.

Continuing to tease the wares it's looking to display at Barcelona, Samsung has offered up a reminder of its 24th February "Unpacked 5" event, taking place at Mobile World Congress 2014. Primary colours and clear, circular icons are pasted all over it, suggestive of what we might see land as the Samsung Galaxy S5's refreshed TouchWiz UI.

Fun to the power of 5! Speed to the power of 5! Curiosity to the power of 5! Certainly, our curiosity here has been piqued. It's a cleaner, flatter look than TouchWiz's previous revisions, in line with Samsung's plans to take its flagship Android blower "back to basics". Follow through on this promising style, sort out a premium chassis for the Galaxy S5 and Samsung may have a real winner on its hands. [Samsung Tomorrow]