Samsung's Gear Fit is a Smartwatch and a Fitness Tracker in One

By Mario Aguilar on at

In addition to the two new Samsung Gear smartwatches we got saw a few days ago, Samsung is actually showing us something new in its wearable line: The Gear Fit, a combination smartwatch and fitness tracker. It's svelte and slick--and potentially the gorgeous functional wearable we've been waiting for.

The new Samsung wearable has a curved Super AMOLED touchscreen display measuring 1.84 inches. Its dimensions are 23.4 x 57.4 x 11.95 mm, and it weighs just 27 grams--half the weight of Samsung's lightest smartwatch to date, the Gear Neo.

The Gear Fit replicates many of the functions of the Gear we've already seen, including the capability to receive incoming calls, emails, SMS messages, alarms, as well as notifications from S-planner.

Besides the form factor change, it's not immediately apparent what sets the Gear Fit apart from its brethren. It's got built in gyrocope and accelerometer sensors, as well as the ability to measure a host of fitness metrics, including pedometer steps, "exercise level" or intensity, heart rate and sleep time, as well as being a stopwatch and timer.

The Gear Fit has a 210 mAh battery which Samsung says will get it three to four days of battery life.

All in all, it looks like a very interesting device that's sleeker than its clunky Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 stablemates. Sadly, it appears it only works with Galaxy devices -- but given there are 200,000,000 Galaxy S range users out there according to Samsung boss J K Shin, maybe that's not a problem at all. Having been burnt by the promise of the Gear smartwatch range before however, we won't be encouraging you to slap a Gear Fit on your credit card before a thorough bug test, though.