Sausage Skittles Combine Two of My Favourite Foods and Yet I Feel Sick

By Gerald Lynch on at

A sausage that lets you "taste the rainbow"? Hmmm.

It sounds like the adventurous "budget-Heston"'s dream come true but, as a fan of both Bramley Apple-filled sausages and of mounting Malteasers on top of a Flamin' Hot Monster Munch crisps, even this seems a bit of a culinary extreme to me. What possessed someone to infuse spicy sausage meat with Skittles?

The inspiration for the Seattle-based butcher appears to have been the recent Superbowl, with Seahwaks running back Marshawn Lynch loving the sweets so much he'd eat them in basically any form. Presumably he's planning on having an incredibly short sporting career -- this banger has heart-attack written all over it. [Foodbeast]