Segregated Cycle Tracks Coming to London's Worst Junctions in £300m Upgrade

By Gary Cutlack on at

The London Mayor has announced a plan to radically rework some of the most dangerous junctions in London, with 33 of the deadliest cycling spots set to benefit from full bike-friendly redesigns. Bow roundabout, Marble Arch and Blackfriars are some of the most hellish cycle spots on the rebuild list.

Also good news for cyclists and local residents is news that the Elephant and Castle roundabout, a particularly ghastly place to cycle, drive or even walk around, will be completely flattened and rebuilt, with the replacement intersection featuring a public space and a new, two-way, signal-controlled layout.

Boris said of the plan: "These road junctions are relics of the Sixties which blight and menace whole neighbourhoods. Like so much from that era, they’re also atrociously-designed and wasteful of space. Because of that, we can turn these junctions into more civilised places for cyclists and pedestrians, while at the same time maintaining their traffic function." [Mayor of London via the Standard]

Image credit: London traffic from Shutterstock