Lost Short Film Shown Before Empire Strikes Back Re-Emerges Over Three Decades Later

By Jack Tomlin on at

Black Angel, a short film shown in the cinemas directly before the feature film Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back in 1980, was long thought to be lost, like Luke Skywalker's hand down a Cloud City rubbish chute.

Having been rediscovered again in 2012, it's now finally getting the recognition it deserves, with it set to feature in this month's Glasgow Film Festival.

Shot in beautiful Scottish locations in 1979, it was shown the following year in cinemas in the UK, Scandinavia, Japan and Australia as part of screenings of The Empire Strikes Back.

The director of the 25-minute short, Londoner Roger Christian, had won an Academy Award for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as a set designer. Thus, George Lucas gave him the freedom to make the Black Angel short to accompany the second installment in the original Star Wars series.

After Empire had completed its cinema run, the original film prints of Black Angel were lost.

Were you lucky enough to see this famed short film in its original incarnation in the 80s? If so, do tell! [BBC]