Sony's Latest Waterproof MP3 Player is Sold Inside a Filled Water Bottle

By Gerald Lynch on at

The MP3 player, and by extension Sony's Walkman brand, has been dying a slow death since the rise of the smartphone made a standalone music device seem a bit quaint. But this latest marketing stunt by Sony is the smartest way to show off its waterproof player's best feature.

The barebones W Series Walkman (aimed at sporty types) has been on sale for a while, so Sony turned to advertising agency DraftFCB to drum up some renewed interest in the product. It came up with the "Bottled Walkman", popping the player in a filled water bottle and selling it inside a small number of vending machines in New Zealand. Tunes and hydration in one pay-and-dash package! [Vending Times via The Next Web]