Sony's SmartBand Fitness Tracker on Sale March, With Camera-Equipped Core Concept Also Unveiled

By Kat Hannaford on at

Sony's busily preparing its SWR10 Smartband for a March launch after its CES debut last month, revealing it will cost 99 Euros for a Smartband and motion-tracking Core, with trio-packs of the Smartband available for under 20 Euros in whichever colour you'd like. But, you may want to hold off buying one if a camera-equipped Core concept is anything to go by.

For the uninitiated, the rubber Smartband goes around your wrist and holds the removable Core unit, which contains sensors to track movements and other notes from your day. Connecting by Bluetooth to Sony's equally-as-colourful Lifelog Android app, movements are shown in a neat animation or more specs-filled graphs showing steps walked, calories burned, and even how much kip you got the previous night.

As the video below shows, it also lets you bookmark things that happen in your day (tagged by pressing the one lone button on the Smartband), and tracks where and when you took photos.

Battery life will be around five days on a single charge, and it takes just one hour to get to full capacity.

While the camera-equipped Core is just at the concept stage by now, Sony told us anything's possible with this one -- the idea being that users don it as a clip on their clothing, or around their neck like a lifeblogging tool. Specs such as battery life or camera resolution haven't been decided upon yet, but with wearable technology being one of the key areas for companies like Sony and Samsung, I wouldn't be too surprised if Sony made this a reality.