Spoilt House of Lords Peers Complain Over Massively-Subsidised Haute Cuisine

By Gerald Lynch on at

What did you have for lunch? A Greggs steak bake? A Tesco meal deal? A home-made tinfoil-wrapped tuna sandwich? Yum. Spare a thought then for the House of Lords peers who have to suffer heavily-subsidised foie gras and champagne risotto at their own private restaurant.

A Freedom of Information request by The Independent to Lord John Sewel, the Chairman of Committees, reveals a litany of complaints about the Barry Room, a high-end eatery that makes up part of a group of dining areas costing the taxpayer £1.3 million a year.

With names redacted, Lords were angered by "inferior cappuccinos" made by an "insulting" new machine, left "scarred" by cancelled dinner bookings, and disappointed by a lack of Chilean wine on the menu. Others were left incredulous that canteen staff could confuse margarine for butter. Some even compared the menu to "downmarket" chains such as Prezzo and ASK. The aforementioned booking cancellation nearly caused a disaster for the Lord and his wife, "unable to lunch elsewhere" as she was wearing a tiara.

Sigh. Can't say it's surprising but, with food banks seeing an increasing number of people clamouring for charity, the picky Lords seem severely out of touch. [The Independent]

Image Credit: The Palace of Westminster from Shutterstock.com