Steve Jobs's Lisa Mouse Found Inside Long-Lost Time Capsule

By Gerald Lynch on at

Time capsules are all well and good, but if you set a date on which to dig one up and review its contents, you'd better hope you'd made a good map of where you left it first. He may have been a visionary, but it's one oversight Apple's Steve Jobs made.

A time capsule buried by the Apple head, and intended to have been recovered back in 2000, has only just been discovered by the team of National Geographic's Diggers TV show. The "Steve Jobs Time Capsule", as it came to be known, was buried following the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983 -- a notable event for the Apple boss as it was there that he predicted the rise of email, and devices very much like the iPad. However, redevelopment of the time capsule's burial site left its location a mystery until last year.

Now uncovered, the Diggers team found Jobs's own mouse for the Lisa computer sealed inside a plastic bag, alongside a Rubik's cube, some booze and an eight-track of the Moody Blues. While the Lisa was a commercial failure, the mouse found inside the capsule could well be priceless, given its direct link to Jobs. Watch a clip of the recovery below.

Cheers, Kevin!