Student Faces £90k Legal Bill After Failed Shot at Suing University

By Gary Cutlack on at

A student who failed his final medical exams tried to sue Newcastle university for letting him down. But his case was chucked out of court, leaving him with his standard student debt and a possible lawyer debt of around £90,000.

32-year-old Paul Crawford claims the university didn't follow the rules in correctly averaging his marks over the duration of his five-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course. One judge sort of agreed that the double weighting of some elements of the degree may have impacted upon his overall average, although a second judge decided it was fair that the man seemingly trying to scrape through his medical exams with the lowest possible score had been treated in accordance with course rules.

The court meets again later in the month to decide if he actually has to pay the full whack of the £90k legal fees. [Huffington Post]

Image credit: Bad doctor from Shutterstock