Super Mario World is the Key to the Quantum Multiverse

By Jesus Diaz on at

This may be the best illustration of the Many Worlds hypothesis by Hugh Everett, a theory that postulates that an infinite number of parallel universes exist thanks to quantum mechanics, with infinite versions of you doing infinite number of actions with infinite number of outcomes.

Just like Mario here:

The video shows a superimposition of the 134 attempts that it took to complete one level in Kaizo Mario World, a hacked version of Super Mario World that is extremely hard to play. And by accident, thinks Kyle Hill, it "can teach a fundamental interpretation of quantum mechanics". He continues:

Each Mario that you see impaled by a spike or smacked by a bullet is a possible branch off of the successful runs that you ultimately see. In a way, it’s like life—despite all the possible accidents and missteps that could have ended your timeline, you are still here. You are the Mario jumping across the finish line of your life.

Who knew you could get such philosophy out of Nintendo?

This hypothesis would seem to agree with what physicist Sean Carroll explains in this video:

It's admittedly a novel conflation of two factors in an impenetrable question of the extent of our universe, but it certainly gets you thinking.