Take a Dip in the Zaha Hadid-Designed 2012 Olympic Pool for Just £3.50

By Chris Mills on at

Forget gold postboxes or a new West Ham stadium -- the real meat of the 'Olympic legacy' was unveiled today, and it looks fantastic. As promised, most of the venues in the Olympic Park in Stratford are being reopened as places for the general public to go do sporty things; and crucially, they're all cheap and gob-smackingly beautiful.

The first to be reopened is the swimming venue -- the same Zaha Hadid-designed Aquatics Centre used in the 2012 Games, only now it's been improved, with the removal of some seating, and the installation of massive side-windows that make it faintly reminiscent of Heathrow Terminal 5. Inside, there's two 50-metre swimming pools, a 25m diving pool, and a 'dry diving area' where top athletes can work on their diving without getting wet. (That's a thing, apparently.)

The cost? £3.50 for one visit, or £29.50 a month for membership. Even better, for £45, you can get membership of the swimming pool and a fully-featured gym housed in the Copper Box Arena. £45 is substantially less than you probably pay for your gym at the moment, and chances are that's some disgusting sweat-box in the basement under a car park, not cutting-edge architecture housing top-notch facilities. [Evening Standard]