Take a Tour of the Tate Britain at Night Through the Eyes of a Robot

By Gerald Lynch on at

Unless you're the night watchman, there are scant few opportunities to explore the Tate Britain gallery after it's closed for the night to the general public. A new project will let you do the next-best thing though: Guide a robot around the gallery in your place. Actually, maybe that is the best thing.

After Dark will be developed by a design studio called The Workers, after winning £10,000 at the inaugural IK Prize. A further £60,000 in supplemental development fees is hoped to see the project go live by the end of the summer.

The specifics of exactly how After Dark will work are still to be determined, but it's expected that custom-built machines will feature, kitted out with lights and cameras. A public website will give people the chance to take control of the robots, and view the gallery through a livestream of each robot's onboard cameras. A queuing system will be put in place to ensure all who wish to take control get a fair turn. [Wired via Twitter]