TALOS "Iron Man" Exoskeleton Army Armour Ready for Trials

By Gerald Lynch on at

Remember the "Iron Man" exoskeleton that the US Army was looking into providing its troops in the near future? It's taken a step towards becoming a common sight on the battlefield, as the sci-fi armour is now said to be about to enter field testing.

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) is ready for trials this June, in three different configurations. The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), has worked with 56 separate corporations, 16 government agencies and 13 universities and 10 laboratories to put the equipment together, which is expected to help the armed forces through a fusion of high-tech features and sturdy armour plating. It would include medical monitoring sensors, an onboard wearable computer, communications modules, and could possibly be capable of generating its own power. It could also potentially work as an "enhancement platform", increasing the mobility and agility of the wearer by supplementing their strength with mechanical components.

"We are already seeing astounding results," said Navy Admiral William H McRaven. "We are trying to solve what appears to be a very narrow tactical niche, but I am convinced it will have greater applications across the enterprise. If we do TALOS right it will be a huge comparative advantage over our enemies and give the warriors the protection they need in a very demanding environment." [National Defense Magazine via The Register]

Image Credit: Iron Man Cosplayer from Shutterstock.com