Tank-Powered Sledding is Now Officially the Best Winter Sport

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It may never one day become an official Olympic sport, but it's hard to argue that riding in a sled while being dragged around by a tiny electric tank doesn't look far more exciting than skiing, snowboarding, and skating combined.

Created by Yvon Martel, the MTT-136—which stands for My Track Technology—is basically just a tank tread wrapped around electric motors and batteries with a handle sticking out of the back. So you're not only limited to just using it with a sled on snow. It works all year round, and is strong enough to drag several riders behind it.

Depending on the size of battery installed, Martel claims the MTT-136 could have a range as far as 130 miles on a single eight-hour charge. But since only the prototype exists at this point, those specific details won't be confirmed or finalised until someone steps up to put this wonderful creation into production.

So if you know someone who's well funded and will appreciate why this is way more fun than a snow-covered hill and gravity, please pass this video along so we can all get our hands on one as soon as possible. [YouTube via Autoblog]