Tesco's Hudl Now Comes With a Smartphone in New Bundle

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Tesco Hudl took us all by surprise when it turned out to be actually rather good despite its budget price tag. And it's now being offered alongside one of a range of smartphones as part of a bundle, as Tesco Mobile looks to entice more customers to its network.

Being a budget tablet, Tesco Mobile is pairing the slate up with mid-to-entry level handsets, starting at £15 a month with the Samsung Galaxy Fame. The combo places customers onto the Anytime Upgrade tariff, letting customers upgrade to newer handsets at any time during their contracts for a fee.

A fee you're likely to be tempted to pay: The combo offers mostly older devices, with the pick of the bunch probably being the Nokia Lumia 920 at £17.50 a month. Still, if the convenience of one monthly bill for two devices courtesy of the same store you do your groceries in sounds tempting, you'll be able to pick up the bundles from now until March 23rd, instore only.