The "All New" HTC One for 2014 Could Have a Gold Case and Dual Rear Camera Sensors

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though a HTC flagship may be missing from next week's MWC conference, given the company has just teased its own March 25th press event, that hasn't stopped a colourful new leak of the new HTC One, AKA the M8, hitting the web.

It seems that, just like the first HTC One before it, the company's next flagship phone will also come in a gold shade (though given how much phone companies love avoiding the obvious when it comes to marketing, I'd put good odds on the shade being named after some bubbly champagne rather than plain old gold). The image comes courtesy of none other than @EvLeaks, who has also suggested that the handset will simply be called the "All New HTC One", rather than the terribly awkward "HTC One Two".

As for the phone in the leaked image itself, it seems to be running a tweaked version of the HTC Sense UI, with Back, Home and Multitasking/Menu buttons sitting on the screen itself rather than below the screen as with the first HTC One. There also appears to be twin camera sensors, as well as a dual LED flash on the rear. Being an unconfirmed snap not direct from HTC, treat it all with a little trepidation for the time being until HTC decides to offer up a grand unveiling itself. [EvLeaks]