The LG G2 Mini Heads to MWC Shrunken in Both Size and Raw Power

By Gerald Lynch on at

Say what you will about its UI and rear-mounted power button, but LG's G2 handset was supercharged under the hood. The same, sadly doesn't look like it can be said of the LG G2 Mini, which the company has now said is headed to Barcelona for next week's Mobile World Congress blowout.

Sporting a lowly 960 x 540 4.7-inch display in comparison to its big brother's 5.2-inch full HD screen, it also ditches the speedy Snapdragon 800 processor in favour of either a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 or Nvidia Tegra 4i chip, depending on territory. Corners are cut with the camera too, dropping to an 8MP sensor from the big G2's 13MP one. 4G LTE is still supported, as are dual-SIM cards.

Very much a mid-ranger then, rather than following in the impressive footsteps of Sony's small-yet-powerful Z1 Compact. Expect it to hit stores by March.