A London Pavement Exploded and Yet, Pedestrians Still Walked on It

By Gerald Lynch on at

Between sinkholes and flooding, I wouldn't trust stepping out the door at the moment in the UK. Add now to the underfoot dangers exploding pavements, as seen yesterday on London's Caledonian Road. Is this the end times?

No, no it's not -- there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for the combustible paving slabs: dodgy wiring. At around 9am yesterday morning an electrical fault under a manhole cover caused a power outage for local businesses, followed by a terrific explosion and flames erupting from the walkway outside (somewhat ironically) an Iceland's supermarket. 50 people were evacuated, with firefighters taking an hour to get the blaze under control.

Not that it fazed Blitz-hardened Londoners as 64-year old Bob Web, owner of a nearby glass and glazing company noted:

"The weird thing was there's a crossing right next to it and people were still crossing the road there; it was crazy." [Standard]