The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

So I decided to watch Movie 43 a few days ago. I would not recommend it to anybody: that film is absolutely abysmal. With that in mind, the highlight of my weekend has been researching apps, so you should all hopefully appreciate what I have to offer today.


iPhone Apps

CARROT Fit: You know what you really need when you want to lose weight? A sadistic AI who will berate you along the way. Fear not though, it's not especially harsh on you; some would even call it humorous. When it comes to something like weight loss, motivation is key--so give it a try and see if it helps. [£1.49]

POPSUGAR Award Season: It's the new year, so we are now elbow deep in awards season for film, television, and music. If that is the kind of thing you enjoy keeping up-to-date with, then you'll want this app. POPSUGAR Award Season keeps all the news in one handy place--alongside interviews, photo galleries, highlights, and even polls to judge everyone else's predictions. [Free]

Telegraph Travel Guides: If you're going on holiday, you definitely want to make the most of your time away. The Telegraph Travel Guides app will show the best of what's on offer in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Rome, and St Kitts (more locations to come). With reviews of restaurants, attractions, bars, and more. Each guide also has extensive details on how to use the information provided like how to book tables, beat queues, and save yourself some money along the way. [Free]

Hipster Smackdown:  This is a game for those of you who get increasingly frustrated by the constant tides of hipsters present in modern society. The goal is simple, throw the hipster as far as you can across 48 different levels. Very satisfying. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Rocket Robo: A visually impressive platform game that is reminiscent of Little Big Planet. You take control of a small robot who is on a quest to retrieve stolen stars and restore power to the lighthouse it calls home. The game includes a bundle of cool mechanics, including world rotation, gravity manipulation, and teleportation. Can you complete all 57 levels and find all the hidden treasure? [£0.69]


iPad Apps

Lego Star Wars Microfighters: There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Lego, and liars. Fly your way through 18 different levels as one of six different classic Star Wars ships and blast through 35 different enemies and eight bosses. Everyone loves Lego, and everyone loves Star Wars (well, except maybe Trekkies), so this one is definitely worth your time. [£0.69]

Pyro Jump: There aren't many games where you play as a sentient ball of fire. Pyro Jump lets you do just that, across more than 100 different levels. The aim is to jump from level to level to catch up with Princess Paper, presumably so you can set her on fire. [Free]

Launch Centre Pro: This is pretty much speed dial for your device's apps and functions. Got anything you use on a regular basis but you have to scroll through a bundle of menus to get to? Set it to Launch Centre and you get to save yourself a wee bit of time in getting there. Now with iPad compatibility, this new update brings this app away from being solely for the iPhone. [£1.99]

Marco Polo Ocean: A sandbox game, so kids can create their own ocean playbox and spark their interest in the sea; with a variety of ocean animals, plants, boats and fish. Not only that, the game features narration and animation to help reinforce vocabulary skills. A great way to get your kids started in the realms of science. [£1.99]

SwiftKey Note: A way to make your note taking that extra bit faster, SwiftKey is designed to learn from you and predict what you're going to say from just a few keystrokes. Better still, you can sync up the app to Evernote, so even if the worst happens you're not without a back up of your work. With this, theoretically, gone are the days of that terribly annoying autocorrect. [Free]


Android Apps

Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is a question and answer community, focused on helping you find the information you need. Think Yahoo Answers, but without the population of idiots and trolls. As well as asking and answering questions posed by the community, the app lets you track all your interests in a single place, and includes instant notifications for those pressing questions that need a quick answer. [Free]

Olympic TV: Despite all the controversy, the Russian Winter Olympics start on Thursday. For those of you who enjoy watching the different ways people can slide on ice, otherwise known as winter sports, this is the app you need. In-app you'll be able to watch all 98 events live and on-demand. [Free]

Auto Answer: A cool little widget that will make it slightly more fun answering the phone without using your hands. Auto Answer lets you answer an incoming phone call with a whistle, something that is particularly useful for driving. The included driving mode features a speed dialer that lets you access 18 contacts, and nine apps with a single click--making it safer (and cooler) to answer your phone while driving. [Free]

Android Device Manager: This one has been around for six months now, but for a lot of people--myself included--it simply hasn't worked. New updates have changed all of that, so you can locate, lock, or erase your phone should it go walkabout. The app is useful if you've got more than one device and need to manage them on the go. [Free]

Foxtrot: This is a platform puzzle game where take control of a fox. The goal is to navigate 30 levels and collect eggs in order to feed your hungry cubs. Just keep an eye out for those blasted chickens, they aren't too fond of egg snatching. [£1.49]


Windows Phone Apps

GTA San Andreas: It is about bloody time is all I have to say. The critically acclaimed game has made its way onto Windows Phone for those of you in dire need of some gaming nostalgia in the foothills of Los Santos. Need I remind you, you'll be playing this game on a device smaller than the original disc. Isn't that amazing? Be aware, this isn't universally compatible so make sure to check before you buy. [£5.99]

UK Bus Checker: Finding public transport timetables is a bit of a pain. Different places have different websites, and even then it's dependent on which company controls the local services. UK Bus Checker has a dedicated database of 35 different locations, with comprehensive details on thousands of routes. It also updates in real-time, so if you rely on buses this one is an essential app for your phone. [£2.49]

Momento: For the journaling enthusiasts out there, Momento is designed to make it easy for you to record your personal thoughts and ideas. Sorted in a month-by-month timeline, you can throw in photos, notes, and pretty much everything else you'd need from a journaling app. Best of all, you can back it up to your Skydrive account which will presumably continue after the upcoming re-brand to Onedrive. [Free]

500px: A social network designed for photographers to share their work, as well as to gain inspiration from others. 500px has the same basic functions as any social photo sharing network: browsing, interacting and sharing. Whether you're an established photographer, or looking to pick up new ideas, this is one for you. [Free]

Monk: One for the musically inclined, Monk is a virtual keyboard. Whether you want to learn to play, or just want a way to practise when the real thing isn't available--this is a cool little addition to your device. The new version now includes video tutorials for those of you who need them. [£1.49]