The Xbox One Just Got its One True Remote

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The Xbox One loves to take control of your TV, but there's something a little uncanny about surfing channels with a dual-stick controller. No more. The Xbox Media Remote is aiming to be your One True Clicker.

The little guy will be able to control Blu-rays, or whatever other kind of streaming video you scare up on your 'box. And by piggybacking on the TV controlling power of the Kinect, it can take on control of your TV as well through the help of IR blasting.

But maybe the best feature is also the most subtle—that the buttons' backlighting automatically turns on the second you pick up the remote. And really, that's how all things should work.

The Xbox One Media Controller will be available around the world in March for a surprisingly low price of $25 in the States. We're still waiting on an official UK price direct from Microsoft, but somewhere around £20-£25 would be a safe bet. Alternatively you could just use SmartGlass, but (fortunately!) not everyone's a nerd. [Xbox]