These are Supposedly Leaked Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5

By Mario Aguilar on at

We're expecting Samsung to announce its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5 in a couple of hours at the first of the year's Unpacked events at MWC. But because the internet is a leaky, leaky ship, we're seeing some images popping up already.

Today's images are coming to us from SaudiAndroid and HardwareZone via TechCrunch. We'll have to wait a few hours to find out if they're real but they seem to show some of what we've been expecting including a larger screen than the Galaxy S4 that doesn't quite get to Galaxy Note massiveness.

Other notable additions include what appears to be a higher-resolution camera that's capable of UHD video.

Aside from the larger body, the images suggest the Galaxy S5 will have a dimple (pocked?) back. Hardly radical?

We're hearing that the S5 will have a fingerprint scanner. Could this be it?

What are you all seeing in these images? What you were expecting? What you wanted?