This £18,000 Vibrating Waterbed Syncs to You Heart Rate

By Adam Clark Estes on at

People, muster up all your creative juices and imagine the most ridiculous bed you can think of. Is it a waterbed? Obviously. Can it play music from your iPhone? Totally. Does it vibrate to the beat of that music? Yes, it can. Can it sync 50 LED lights to the beating of your heart? Yup.

This bed exists, and it only costs £18,000. Well, plus a 16 per cent shipping charge totalling £2,800 – but thats nothing when you can have a bed that does all that this one can.

Hammacher Schlemmer recently listed the so-called Tranquility Pod. The Tranquility Pod comes equipped with a four-speaker sound system that syncs up with your smartphone, so you can control your soundtrack without leaving the warm embrace of the temperature-controlled waterbed. The elliptical shape also blocks 90 per cent of outside noise if it's quietude you crave.

But wait: there's more. The Tranquility Pod also comes with a biofeedback system that can literally listen to your heartbeat and provide an LED light show to go along with it. Oh and the soundsystem's subwoofer actually makes the bed vibrate with the sound of the beat.

It must be crazy during sex. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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