This £9,000 iPhone Speaker Comes With its Own Lightsaber-Hilt Remote

By Gerald Lynch on at

Mobile World Congress may well be all about the phones, but what tech tradeshow is complete without a ridiculously overpriced, over-spec'd speaker to gawp at? German audio-specialists Avantgarde Acoustics deliver the goods at MWC 2014 with the excessive Zero 1 speakers.

Measuring 3.4 feet tall and weighing 40kg each, a pair of Zero 1 speakers will set you back €11,000 (£9,088). Built with polyurethane cabinets in either black or white shades, there's all sorts of digital audio wizardry going on inside in an attempt to justify that whopping price tag. That includes digital processing (accurate to one-millionth of a second), analogue-to-digital converters and individually-powered amps for each speaker. Each speaker is equipped with two 50 Watt horns, as well as a monstrous 400 Watt bass woofer.

But in all honesty, if I had the money, I'd be happy to pay it just for the Zero 1 speaker's remote. A foot-long solid aluminium textured baton, its buttons make it a dead ringer for a Star Wars lightsaber's hilt. It's one remote control you'll never have to worry about sliding down beneath the sofa cushions -- that's the sort of peace of mind only £9,000 and little sense can buy you. [Avantegarde Acoustics]