This Backpacker's World Map Back Tattoo is Way More Interesting Than a Travel Blog

By Gerald Lynch on at

For backpacker Bill Passman, a simple travel journal wasn't enough. He was on a quest to see the world, a journey that would leave an indelible mark on him, and one that he wanted to commemorate with artistic permanence.

Inspired by a fellow backpacker's world map tattoo (decorated with dots representing the places she had visited), Bill took the idea one step further. Like a "Colouring by Numbers" in which Passman had to earn the colours by visiting each appropriate country, Passman took his backmap with him around the globe, adding shades as he passed through each nation. Well, it's not like he could leave it behind, right?

Since kicking off in September 2010, Passman's made great progress, with only the heart of Africa needing significant travel. Look at Russia! I bet that hurt. [Bill Passman via via Twenty-Two Words via Design Taxi]