This Gherkin Chandelier Has Enough Juice to Power Two Electric Chairs

By Jordan Kushins on at

Yes, this is a super-charged chandelier constructed with 60 plain old, garden-variety gherkins as bulbs. It crackles. It spits. It smells like burnt vinegar—and it uses enough power to illuminate a city block.

The experiment is the latest by Bompas & Parr, the gastronomic geniuses who made fireworks you could taste, vaporised gin, and many other weird and wonderful culinary explorations.

It turns out that the high water content and natural translucence of gherkins make them the "ultimate food-based bulb." The yellow-tinted glow is a result of the sodium reacting to an electric current—strangely, the same effect as the distinctive high-pressure streetlights being phased out in some cities for LED alternatives.

Don't be deceived by the quirky nature of the project, though—this fixture could fuck you up. "It's mind-bogglingly dangerous," Bompas told Nowness. "If you're near it when it is turned on you will certainly be electrocuted." Times two, no doubt; it's also sucks enough juice to power a pair of electric chairs. [Nowness]