This Man Pranks Strangers With Intimate Details He Found by Stalking Their Instagram Accounts

By Gerald Lynch on at

How much do you share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Maybe a snap of your oh-so-healthy lunch? Or a witticism about an over-bearing boss? That's fine -- so long as your posts are set to private. Make that snap of your dog public, or that flirty exchange with a waitress available for all to see, and you're opening yourself up for some seriously freaky pranks.

Comedian Jack Vale manages to totally weird-out these beach-goers, rattling off everything from their long-finished school classes to details on a recent trip to a sauna for one unlucky victim. How he managed to track each person down, I'm not entirely sure, but it may well have included some real-world stalking as well as some online snooping. [YouTube]