This Tiny Classic Arcade as as Smart a Watch as You Need

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You might think you need a watch that can check email, control your music, and even stay on top of Twitter updates, but you've been misled. ThinkGeek's new Classic Arcade Wristwatch is all you really need strapped to your wrist, especially if you're old enough to remember a time when beating a video game required a pocket full of coins.

This Tiny Classic Arcade Is as Smart a Watch as You Need

Featuring an Asteroids-inspired design, the watch has a tiny ship orbiting the clock face that's pursuing (and constantly being pursued by) a giant space rock. And based on their respective positions, that's how you tell the time.

This Tiny Classic Arcade Is as Smart a Watch as You Need

But the classic arcade machine design isn't this £35 watch's only appealing feature. Pressing the fire button turns on a red LED backlight and triggers a retro "pew-pew" sound effect—which you'll probably find yourself playing with even in the middle of the day. On the downside it can't actually be used to play Asteroids, but on the upside it won't be perpetually covered in sticky spilled pop and greasy fingerprints either. [ThinkGeek]