UK Spies Messed About Launching DDoS Attacks on Anonymous and Lulzsec Members

By Gary Cutlack on at

New revelations from Edward Snowden's massive pile of governmental shame reveals that GCHQ experimented with DDoS attacks as a way of keeping online activists in check, turning the favoured internet weapon of the underground masses against some of the usual suspects.

The news comes from a fresh analysis of Snowden docs carried out by NBC, which claims a part of GCHQ that rather grandly calls itself the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group boasted of using the attacks to force users to quit trouble-making internet chat channels. The files also claim that JTRIG infiltrated IRC rooms and unmasked some activists, including one who was subsequently arrested for stealing Paypal user data.

And yes, there was a codename. The codename for this one was "Rolling Thunder," which is quite a bit better than the weird dolphin one they also thought up. [NBC]