Video Leak Suggests the Sony Xperia Z2 Could Have a Huge Battery

By Adam Scott on at

More than an ultra HD screen or an octo-core processor, more than a fancy camera or a paper-thin frame, I just want a decent smartphone with excellent battery life. Could the Sony Xperia Z2 be the answer to my prayers?

A video, claiming to show leaked footage of the hotly-anticipated handset in action, suggests the Xperia Z2 could be packing a mighty battery pack. The "Sony Xperia Sirius D6503" video (a title that's previously been linked to whatever Sony's forthcoming handset may be), posted to YouTube looks convincing. It shows an Android KitKat device, seemingly running off an EE SIM in Coventry.

As the tester swipes through the handset's screens, we see a battery percentage icon showing 36 per cent, and on another screen that percentage seems to correspond to "1 day 2 hours" worth of juice. While it may be an inaccuracy due to unfinished software, or a number of power-draining features being turned off (or totally not present, should the hardware be a prototype), it at least suggests Sony may have worked some magic in the battery department.

Other than that, however, there's very little to go on in the video, barring a "4K" recording option in the camera app. The Xperia Z2 is being tipped to debut at this month's MWC 2014 conference. We'll be at the show, and sure to keep you up to date with whatever Sony may have planned. [Xperia Blog, TechRadar]