Virgin Atlantic's New Airplane Safety Video Entertains, But Does it Distract from the Message?

By Gerald Lynch on at

As any frequent flier will know, once you've seen one airline safety video, you've pretty much seen them all. Subtly scary, their impact diminishes with repeated viewing to a point where many passengers ignore them all together. Virgin Atlantic is looking to counteract the apathy the clips are usually met with through a zany new video, but is it all a bit much?

Virgin Atlantic's first new safety film in nearly 12 years, it's been created by design and motion studio Art & Graft. It's certainly more entertaining than the staid instructional videos of old, with its nods to film noir and superheroes. But does the approach distract from the general purpose of such a video -- to make sure passengers are well aware of the safety procedures in place in case of emergency on a plane? I feel that maybe it does, but what do you think? Check it out above. [Telegraph via PSFK]