What Do You Think About Apple HQ's Official Steve Jobs Statue?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Of the over 10,000 entries submitted, Apple has officially chosen this piece, created by Belgrade sculptor Dragan Radenović, to commemorate and remember Steve Jobs who lost his battle with cancer almost two and a half years ago.

Given the sleek lines of the iPhone and other hardware created by Apple while Steve Jobs led the company, the rough finish of this sculpture—adorned with Cyrillic letters, a one and zero, and a bust of Jobs—seems to go against the company's design ideals. But those at Apple who selected the piece apparently preferred its imperfections over sleeker, cleaner submissions.

So what do you think? Does this piece best represent Steve Jobs, or does it completely miss the mark? What other recent statues or memorials have succeeded or failed in your view? Share your thoughts in the discussion below. [Netokracija via Apple Insider]