WhatsApp is Adding Voice Calling, as Zuckerberg Says $19bn Was a Cheap Buy

By Kat Hannaford on at

If Facebook buying WhatsApp was all that was needed for the messaging service to add voice communication, then so be it -- especially if it's Skype-like. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg believes it's worth over $19bn to Facebook, believing it could be the first service to reach one billion users.

WhatsApp's CEO Jan Koum revealed the news of the future voice calling functionality to TechCrunch at MWC today, going as far to say as it will land on Android and iOS first, followed by "some Nokia and BlackBerry phones," and will be seen in the second quarter of this year.

With 465 million active users a month, that's yet another chunk being taken from mobile networks pockets, if WhatsApp does indeed launch voice calling. The only question is...how much will it cost us?

Decidedly less than the $19 billion Facebook paid for it, that's for sure. But with Mark Zuckerberg saying during his MWC keynote tonight that "by itself, it's worth more than $19 billion," it appears even Facebook got off light. Could it be the next service to reach one billion people, as he hopes? They'll have to fix the service's outages, like the weekend just saw. [TechCrunch and TechRadar]