Will it? Won't it? Nvidia Sends Out Mixed Messages Over Shield UK Release

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Nvidia Shield has been doing the rounds for a few months in the US, a well-received PC/Android gaming handheld, equipped with a clamshell touchscreen and full-size gamepad controls. Still awaiting a UK release, it seems Nvidia is still uncertain when it comes to getting the handheld into the paws of Blighty's gamers.

I spoke to Nvidia's Igor Stanek, head of Nvidia's EMEAI Tegra/Shield PR, who said that the focus remains solely on the Shield's current release territories.

"For now the Shield is available in the US, Canada and Hong Kong, and when we really see a potential [for expansion], then it could reach other territories."  Without giving specific sales figures, Nvidia claims that sales performance of the Shield has been "great", suggesting its "potential" is already realised. Could it be then that Nvidia is holding out instead for the launch of the Shield 2 in the UK (which has already been teased) skipping out on the first-gen model entirely?

However, an interview given to TechRadar, also at MWC, gives more hope for an eventual UK release of the first model.

"It will come," Luciano Alibrandi, Nvidia's director of corporate communications, told TechRadar. "It's just a question of when." According to Alibrandi, it's just a matter of finding a suitable release window for the product.

Here's hoping the Nvidia Shield does find a home on UK shores in some form, at some point. Bridging the gap between Android gaming and PC gaming, housed within a portable form-factor, the Shield allows for demanding PC games to be streamed from a Nvidia GeForce-equipped computer direct to the handheld.