Will Wearables Spread Your Data Around Like a Disease?

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You used to be able to escape technology. Turn off the laptop, unplug the phone, put the mobile under a cushion or lock yourself in the shed to disconnect, but now? Your data is right there, taped to your hand or face, constantly broadcasting the minutiae of your life.

Is that thing in your pocket or the one dangling around your wrist actually a liability as well as a convenient way of endlessly staring at the same bits of the internet? Do you really know who's got your data courtesy of all the tickboxes you check on the Ts&Cs you sigh through and blindly agree to? How do you know that 19-page agreement you blankly Page Down-ed your way through didn't contain a clause about donating a kidney to the company’s boss should he ever need one?

Security firm AVG has created a video to demonstrate how modern man and his gadgetry could come under attack from permanently handing away possession of so much of our personal data, one that also shows just how much information we could potentially leak all over the place while going about our daily business.

AVG's Chief Technology Officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak thinks we're blundering into a world in which modern tech has way too much sway over us all, saying: "It is ironic that in a world where smart technology was meant to make our lives easier, the multi-device world has made it much more complex."

Now that you're a bit worried and nervously glancing around you for signs of government listening vans parked outside your work and the tell-tale moving stars that are surveillance satellites seeing where you buy your lunch from, here's the solution.

AVG Zen is a free online security centre that monitors all your smart devices, syncing and controlling everything from sharing permissions to access to trackable data through one cloud interface. It's not just a virus-checker for dodgy downloads, the idea is to monitor all smart devices for signs of trouble, whether that's hacks, dodgy permissions or malware.

There are three things AVG Zen wants to try to protect -- data, devices and people. AVG suggests its Zen product will act as a control room for all your connected devices, operating across various platforms to keep your stuff secure and connected. If something looks bad, nuke it, and have the changes pushed out to all devices just like that.

The idea is to provide a consistent user experience across all devices via the standard control panel interface, meaning phones, tablets and laptops may all be managed through the same central hub. So instead of having separate security products and a spattering of settings, apps and controls spread across all your devices, AVG Zen gives you just the one security centre from which to manage the security of all your internet-enabled things.

AVG Zen will be available in late March. [AVG]