Windows Phone 8.1 Revealed, Includes Javascript, VPN Support, and *Urgh* 3D

By Tom Pritchard on at

Microsoft has reportedly begun sending out invites, giving developers the opportunity to try out the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1. One of said developers has taken to Reddit and revealed a number of features in the SDK.

Not surprisingly some of the key changes is that SkyDrive has been renamed OneDrive, as well as Xbox Music and Xbox Video both replacing their respective native multimedia apps. Other useful changes include audio and video editing capabilities, slow motion filming for your homemade Matrix rip-offs homages, Javascript capabilities, native VPN support, and 'Battery Sense' which will determine exactly which apps are responsible for draining your precious battery life.

One not so useful feature is the inclusion of support for stereoscopic 3D. Bit late to that party Microsoft, now please just let the stupid gimmick die?

From the looks of things there is an awful lot going into the new update, which is exciting for those of you with Windows handsets. Sadly there is no word on the release date yet, but given this development it's unlikely to be a huge wait. [Reddit via The Verge via WMPowerUser -- Thanks, Maanas!]