Woman Rides Horse into Tesco as Neknominate Trend Hits the Mainstream

By Gary Cutlack on at

The dumb neknominate trend continues to spread across the planet like an unwanted idiot-zombie invasion, with a woman from Bishop Auckland managing to out-do her local clown competition by riding a horse into Tesco to impress internet drunks. She only necked a Pepsi, though, so wasn't drink-riding.

Despite now being investigated by the police, the 21-year-old horse lady seems quite chuffed with how it all went, telling her local newspaper: "I didn't realise how far it would spread and how many people would see it. I have had messages from as far as Australia and people are calling me a legend."

Durham constabulary police officer Sue Robinson disagrees, saying: "At this stage we are trying to establish what criminal offences might have been committed and discussions have taken place with the RSPCA in regards to the welfare of the horse." [Guardian]