Would You Eat 3D Printed Insect Snacks to Help Lower World Hunger?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists seem to agree that one way for humanity to survive the ongoing population explosion is to start getting more of its protein from insects, rather than the enormous, inefficient cows and pigs we currently grind up and fry. Problem is, no one wants to eat a beetle. But how about a beetle that's been mashed and 3D printed into a pretty sweetie shape?

The above image is concept of a 3D printed protein snack, made by filling a 3D printer with a paste containing crickets and dung beetles, the worst kind of beetles. The resulting mashed insect snacks don't look like insects at all, and, if they were drowned in salt, monosodium glutamate, chilli flavouring and cheese, might actually be quite tasty.

So would you eat one? How about if they were just marketed as generic protein foods and 3D printed out to look like sausages? It's only a marketing issue, isn't it? We wouldn't eat sausages if they were called Mashed Animal Offcut Tubes, so insects just need a bit of a rebrand. [Metro]

Image credit: Susana Soares