Xbox One 50Hz Judder Problem Fix Just Weeks Away

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Xbox One's set-top box pass-through function is a mixed bag already in the UK, seeing as it doesn't have any of the TV guide features offered in the US. But the fact we had to put up with juddering images rendering TV viewing unwatchable added insult to injury.

Thankfully, it now seems that the oversight, a by-product of the Xbox One's development being so US-centric, will soon be fixed. Speaking to Total Xbox, Harvey Eagle, Xbox marketing director, said that the dodgy staccato images would be mended "in a matter of weeks".

The problem arises from differing TV standards around the globe. In the US, TV sets and set top boxes output in 60Hz, whereas in the UK the standard is set at 50Hz. As a result, the Xbox One is compensating by creating a duplicate frame for every sixth frame outputted, causing judder that's particularly noticeable in fast-moving scenes. Sky, Freeview and Virgin Media boxes have been severely affected (though YouView users interestingly have had no cause for complaint despite the company having no plans to support the Xbox One's future EPG features).

While no precise roll-out date for the fix is given, here's hoping it'll land as part of the March 11th update. [Total Xbox]