Xbox One March System Update to Focus on Multiplayer

By Gerald Lynch on at

On top of this week's first major Xbox One update (which finally adds a controller battery indicator), Microsoft is now ready to share specifics on what will land in March's update to the next-gen console.

Update two will focus on the multiplayer and party-building features of the console. The first simple improvement will put the friends list promintently into the centre of the Friends app, making it easier to quickly bug a pal about an awaiting challenge. Party chat will be turned on by default for players using the grouping system, while the party chat system will also be expanded to support conversations between gamers playing different games.

An "Invite Friends to Game" option will be added into multiplayer tiles too, working in a similar way to the system already found on Xbox 360, appearing inside a game's menu overlay. A "Recent Players" tab will also be added, letting you hunt down those who wronged you in your last frag-fest.

Though no precise release date is given, Microsoft promise that the updates, alongside with more feature as-yet-unrevealed, will land in time for the March 11th launch of AAA juggernaut Titanfall.