Your Brain's Safe, as 11-Year Study Finds "No Evidence" Mobiles are Frying Our Heads

By Gary Cutlack on at

A long-running study into the possible dangers of mobile use and local masts has found absolutely no evidence of any health issues, with our brains, the babies of mothers living near phone masts and cancer rates showing no signs of impact from the radio waves.

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research study includes research into leukaemia, with 800 newly diagnosed patients included in the trial. It was found that there was "no association" between leukaemia and mobile networks, with cumulative years of mobile use apparently having no impact on the likelihood of developing the disease.

And with regards to general brain function impact, tests before and after phone radio exposure found that there were no differences in cognitive performance between heavy mobile users and casuals. You're probably going to be OK. [MTHR [PDF] via The Register]

Image credit: Phone mast from Shutterstock