£1.50 for a Pint in Stockton-on-Tee's New Discount PoundPub

By Gerald Lynch on at

Pound Store, Pound World, Poundland. Add to that illustrious list of no-frills, budget retailers "PoundPub", a new watering hole opening in Stockton-on-Tees, selling half pints of branded beer for £1 and a full pint for just £1.50.

Taking over the site of the existing Georgia Browns pub, Mike Wardell, director of pubco chain Here For Your Hospitality Ltd, is hoping the move will return the concept of the pub to a more traditional feel, rather than encouraging binge drinking. Likening the establishment to an old-school working men's club, the PoundPub will offer traditional pub games and keep overheads low by ditching Sky Sports subscriptions and other modern pub extravagances.

The concept has already proved profitable in a three-month trial run in a pub in Atherton, Greater Manchester, and there are plans to expand beyond the North East should the first boozer prove successful.

While Wardell argues that pubs are under threat by supermarkets -- selling own-branded cans of beer for as little as 40p -- alcohol campaigners are calling the PoundPub irresponsible, pointing to the fact that the North East of England already has the worst rates of alcohol abuse in the country. Elsewhere in the region, the average cost of a pint in a pub is £3. [Independent]

Image Credit: Sleeping Drunk Man from Shutterstock.com