15,000 New Houses Squeezing in the South East via New "Garden City" Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's about to get itself a new city, with the government announcing a plan to build an initial 15,000 new homes on various brownfield sites surrounding the Thames Estuary at Ebbsfleet. Thanks to a few daffodils stuck here and there, it will also be a "garden city" themed around welcoming outdoor spaces.

The site was chosen primarily because of its rail connections, with Ebbsfleet on the posh new high speed rail line into London. Those who move into the site's new builds will be able to get into London in just 19 minutes, as long as 15,000 dads don't all turn up at the station at the same time and try to get on the same train with their big phones and packed lunches.

The idea of a new city in this part of the Thames Estuary is not an entirely new concept, though, as plans to start a fresh town in the area have been mooted for over a decade. Chancellor George Osborne hopes the creation of a new urban development corporation specifically to handle the creation of the city ought to finally speed its appearance. [Guardian]

Image credit: Building site from Shutterstock