23 Per Cent of Americans Think MP3 is a Robot From Star Wars

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey of some non-nerdy Americans threw up some baffling holes in the knowledge of the nation, with 11 per cent of people asked thinking "HTML" is a form of sexually-transmitted disease and 12 per cent thinking "USB" is the acronym of a European country. You'd never get answers that stupid in the United States of Britain.

Other amusing misunderstandings include 27 per cent of respondents thinking "gigabyte" is a sort of insect, 42 per cent saying a "motherboard" is what the deck of a cruise ship is called, and 18 per cent making the quite believable faux pas of thinking that a "Blu-ray" is a type of sea creature. Which, to be fair, it probably is.

There may have been a bit of leading down the comedy answer road, though. The Survey asked questions of 2,392 men and women who weren't told it was a tech terminology test, and were handed a multiple choice list of three answers including the correct tech and incorrect non-tech terms. From which the comedy arose. [LA Times via The Register]

Image credit: Confused tech user from Shutterstock